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|Monday, November 30, 2020|

Rescue Awakening

Dog rescue inspires author of children's books

Talking with Cindy Romero, author of the Skip Thomas children’s book series, is like sipping ice tea on a hot summer day.  She cools you down, and every so often she projects a casual breeze that puts you at complete ease.  The tea leaves of Cindy’s life journey have been like a summer breeze, each wave bringing a different perspective and purpose to life.

As Cindy recanted, it wasn’t planned or expected, but it changed her life course.  Referring to her experience finding a litter of dogs while doing a package delivery and rescuing Skip Thomas.  A course she is grateful for.  Cindy is a dog lover, in awe of their unconditional love and loyalty, the two traits she admires most in dogs and writes about with ease. “Friendship, companionship, and their willingness to listen to my problems without judgment come in third, fourth, and fifth,” she said.

Author Cindy Romero

“I never dreamed I’d become an animal advocate, let alone an author of children’s books, but when I lost my job due to an injury, it became apparent that my calling was to spread awareness about dogs in need. I think it was meant to be. And yes, Skip was my motivation. I wanted to keep his spirit alive. My stories come from actual experiences, showcasing what can become of a rescue dog and hopefully a happy ending.

With Skip Thomas, her first rescue by her side, the stories just poured out. Cindy has two books published in the Skip Thomas Adventures so far, in what she plans to be a series of books celebrating his magnificent life. The first book series focuses on Skip’s adopted life with his family in his first year. Each month a holiday or lesson learned. These are rhyming books ideal for ages 2-5. The next book series finds Skip a year old and meeting new friends. He meets a Spanish speaking mouse from Taos, New Mexico and they become best friends. Along with Norbert, the boy that Skip owns, they go on adventures all their own. These books are for early readers ages 5-8.

“We know it will take time to get all these stories out,” said Cindy, “but, we hope our readers can be patient and follow us on our journey. We are both kids at heart and are here to entertain you.” Referring to her writing team mate, husband Tim Romero who does all the illustrations for her books. “There’s so much more to come.”

Illustrating for Skip Thomas Adventures is a natural for Tim but “it did come suddenly” he quips, when Cindy started writing. He’s always drawing something. He loves to work with pen and ink stippling, color pencils, and airbrush.

“We hope after people read our books that they can see the bond between a dog and it’s human. Dogs can be your best friend and take life’s journey with you. We hope that they can see that Skip was our son, a part of our family, and deserved all the love and attention we could give him.”

“Not everyone rescues, but those that do know it takes a special heart, one that will do anything to protect and care for an animal in need. We believe no dog deserves a life in pain and misery. Cruelty, abandonment, and neglect are unacceptable.”

“Our going forward passion is to continue writing stories of our rescues and bringing joy to others. Also, to bring awareness to all the homeless animals out there and be their voice to stop animal cruelty. We will always be on the lookout for our next rescue as well. Our retirement dream would be to move to Kanab in southern Utah and do volunteer work with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

“Of course we want people to buy our books! But more importantly, we want people to love all animals. Adopt pets from shelters and rescues when looking for a companion or best friend. And please, report abuse when you see it, speak up for those who can’t.”

Skip Thomas

Sept 2001 - Feb 2009

Skip Thomas loved a good splash at Stansbury Park Lake in Utah
Skip Thomas loved a good splash at Stansbury Park Lake in Utah

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What a great treat with Halloween just around the corner!

Skip Thomas First Halloween
Skip Thomas Gets Adopted

The Romero's would like to thank All That Stuff In The Barn and The Blue Boar Inn of Midway, Utah for proudly displaying the Skip Thomas Series in their establishment.


About Cindy and Tim Romero

This tag team duo has a lot to write about, but most of all they want all people to hold a special place in their heart for kindness.  What better way to do that through the love and caring of a rescue dog.  Tim and Cindy Romero have taken their passion of this message to the next level.  It all starts with the Skip Thomas Adventure book series.

Cindy's route to become a writer-author was by no means traditional.  She followed a passion fueled by Skip Thomas a resue dog she saved from a farm in Utah.  Cindy has 2 books on the shelf and she is working on a third book due out in 2021.  Tim's natural artistic talents come front and center in all the Skip Thomas books.  Tim is a hand-drawn illustrator who with pleasure,  painstakenly draws each illustration for their books.

Skip Thomas was rescued at 5 weeks old from a farm in Tooele, Utah.  A chance finding while Cindy was delivering a package to the farm.  Cindy sensed something was not right and returned to the farm the next day.  By that weekend, Skip came home.  Skip went to the Rainbow Bridge at the young age of 7, falling ill to an enlarged heart, a rare heart disease for dogs.  His shortened life was long on experiences as Skip became the talk of the neighborhood and now lives on through the Skip Thomas Adventure Series.


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