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Getting to Know Author Cindy Romero

Cindy and Tim Romero are children's book creators.  Cindy the author and Tim the illustrator.  Learn about their journey and how their first rescue inspired them to create children's books and the Skip Thomas Adventure Series.

Read about Cindy and Tim's Rescue Awakening

A Conversation with Susan Wilson

We caught up with NY Times Best Selling Author, Susan Wilson for some light hearted conversation.  It was easy to detect the heart warming depth of her character and  how it translates into her writing. I for one have her books on my Christmas List and am looking forward to catching up with her novels.

Read about NY Times Best Selling Author Susan Wilson

Quick Read Dog Insights

Expert Insight from Tom Shelby

Tom Shelby is an expert dog trainer. He has nearly four decades of experience creating harmony between two-and-four legged friends.  Read on as Tom explains a Covid Caused Condition we need to be aware of for the emotional health of our dogs.

Read about the impact of Covid19 on your dog

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Hound Works

 Dogthority recognizes the great work  of independent service providers.  Check out some great wall art and gift ideas at Hound Works. Thank you so much for supporting independent professionals.

The Irish Wolfhound is a historic sighthound dog breed from Ireland that inspires literature and mythology. Wikipedia

The Irish Setter is a gundog and family dog recognized by the American Kennel Club as a show dog. Wikipedia