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|Thursday, August 13, 2020|

Sensible Doggie Day Care

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harls tongue

Carl Dogastino: Carl is a staff writer for Dogthority providing insight that improves the quality of life for dogs and people.


Rescued and proud to be part of a family in New York. I love to write about the impact that dogs have on society. I follow my heart and believe that dogs make the world a better place for everyne.  I also like to run out the front door, run up to people and have fun!

Why Doggie Daycare Services Make Sense

Many dog owners will agree, that their dog is their baby. Like a baby, dog owners want the best for their dog and for that, you owe it to yourself to take excellent care of it, like any other family member. Not all of us can attend to our dogs all the time, pampering them with lots of love and attention. Which is fine. It is for that reason there are doggy daycare services. It might just seem awkward; I know the feeling. However, it is not as unpractical as you may first think. Doggie daycare will offer your dog a whole lot of benefits.

So what advantages can you get from doggie daycare service?

Finding Peace of Mind, Everything is in Control

Are you that dog owner with a busy schedule, working up to eight hours in a day? Several dog owners are concerned about their dogs being home lonely by themselves, and if he’s kenneled, you have to hurry home to let him out after work. It is also common that, some days, you possibly have to work within late hours. And you keep worrying whether your pup is hungry. Doggie daycare will relieve you from the worries and guilt and keep your mind at peace.

Availability of a Variety of Services

Whoooaaa! It is a spa day. Several doggie daycares provide grooming services! They will groom your dog. Apart from your dog having a great time socializing and playing, he will come back home with a million bucks looks. Did I mention that some daycares would pick your dog up from home and drop them off? Pet foods may also be available in shops inside some daycares. Not to talk about veterinary facilities and training lessons. These are amazing dog services your pooch cannot miss!


Just as it is hard to do proper exercise for yourself, it is equally hard for your dog. Your dog depends on you for exercise, and when not given, they use their energy to do destructive things. And more dangerously, they may develop health problems, commonly, weight gain. Doggie daycare will exercise your dog. With all that playing round and running up and down, your dog is set to be fit. By the time he’s brought back home, he will be so tired and curling at your feet, ready to relax and watch TV together with you.

Doggie daycare, dog walker or a dog sitter services are a-must-have for a dog owner who for some reasons is too busy, have no experience or simply idle to do it by themselves. You can still achieve it.

Why You Should Hire a Dog Walker or a Dog Sitter?

Do you want to make your dog happy? A simple walk will do you wonders. It is possible that you work all day and you cannot manage to walk your dog. Hiring a dog walker will ensure that your dog enjoys the various advantages of going for walks. Although particular dogs, especially more active ones, might need more walk, most dogs require that you walk them at least once every day.

Dog walkers will give your dog special attention. They will keep your dog engaged and contented. Dogs want to be around people; they need attention. When you coop up your dog inside a kennel all day long, he lacks stimulation. A dog walker will also help prevent boredom, by walking your dog around the neighborhood.

You should know that walks are a form of exercise. So basically, your dog will keep healthy. Which is why dogs that are more active are less prone to health problems? Overall, I know you want to leave home with confidence, with your dog left in caring hands, right? A dog walker or a dog sitter is your go-to!

How to go about Hiring a Dog Walker or a Dog sitter and things to Consider

You definitely want the best for your dog. Hiring a pet walker is not an easy process. First, you need to ensure that you pick one who is trained, I mean a professional. Remember the person will not just be in charge of your pet, but also you’re beloved home. Here is a way through!

  1. Use a pet service location website like DOGTHORITY to locate a pet sitter

  2. Visit their website and take a look at their services

  3. Conduct a thorough interview

  4. Check if they have a bonding insurance coverage

  5. Meet them in your home to check their interaction with your dog

It is also important to ask about how they charge. A professional dog sitter will always be happy to let you know about their services.

In summary, dogs are loyal, affectionate and intelligent too. They are fantastic fun. They will make you laugh and give you a reassuring hug after a hard day. Take care of your dog as much as you can. You know how rewarding it can be!


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