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|Thursday, August 13, 2020|
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Choosing a Dog Clinic

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Carl Dogastino: Carl is a staff writer for Dogthority providing insight that improves the quality of life for dogs and people.


Rescued and proud to be part of a family in New York. I love to write about the impact that dogs have on society. I follow my heart and believe that dogs make the world a better place for everyne.  I also like to run out the front door, run up to people and have fun!

How to choose a Veterinarian Clinic for your dog

Choosing the right veterinarian clinic for your dog can be quite an arduous task due to the increased number of pet clinics available.   It makes dog-sense not to wait until a medical emergency arises to decide on a clinical care provider for your dog.  It is essential to carry out the proper research, do your homework and decide who will take care of your dog ahead of an emergency because the choice you make on who takes care of your dog medically plays a vital role in your dog’s quality of life.

Its important to keep in mind, that like people, regular medical checkups serve as preventive medical care against all forms of diseases and disorders that are capable of shortening the lifespan of your dog. This is why it is essential to know the right questions to ask on your first visits to a new vet clinic.

Vital questions to ask:

  • Are patients referred to a specialist as needed?

  • What emergency services are available onsite?

  • Are diagnostic tests like blood work, ultrasounds, and X-rays done in-house?

  • Are overnight patients monitored?

  • Does the clinic or hospital have AAHA approval?

  • What payment type is accepted?

Asking these questions will give you an insight into the knowledge base of the veterinarian’s at the clinic and also know if they are the right people to care for your dog. Other factors to consider when choosing a vet clinic for your dog include the following;

  • Clinic accreditation and Veterinary certification: The first factor to consider when choosing a veterinarian for your dog is accreditation of your potential vet clinic. It is essential to register your dogs only with a vet clinic that are accredited in your country. In the United States, Accreditation of vet clinics is done by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) which evaluates veterinary best practices on pain management, surgeries, facilities, medical records, cleanliness, and diagnostic imaging. Although vet clinics are not required by law to be accredited, accreditation implies a total commitment to maintaining high standard vet care and services.

  • Testing Capabilities: Choosing a vet clinic that processes tests, scan and takes x-rays on sight is also very important, although this factor may not be considered as been very important at first. However, waiting for your dog’s test result during an emergency or paying to be transferred to another vet facility may become quite challenging at some point in time. Also, remember that consistency is important when evaluating your dog’s health condition. Therefore you must choose a vet clinic where your dog can see the same veterinarian on a regular basis.

  • Areas of Specialty: Knowing the area of expertise of your potential vet clinic is also very important. If you have pets that have special needs or those breeds that develop some conditions with time, ensure you choose a veterinarian that has a specialty in neurology and have all the required facilities to take care of your pets.

  • Cost: It is also vital to find out the fee structure of your potential vet clinic and make a comparison with others to ensure that you are getting the right value for your money. There are so many expensive pet clinics that do not provide services which equate the money you pay.

  • Level of interaction: Choosing a vet clinic with friendly staffs that are calm, coordinated and caring is essential; you must also observe how the veterinarian interacts with your dogs and monitor the energy of your dog around the veterinarian to see if he or she is relaxed and comfortable.

  • Location: Ensure that you choose a vet clinic that is quite close to your home and you won’t have to spend a lot of time in traffic especially during emergency cases.

Finally, apart from the factors listed above it is imperative to read online reviews from Dogthority, Yelp, Google or Angie’s list where you can learn about other people’s experience with the vet clinic in your locality.

Also, remember that communication is key to quality vet services. Therefore you must choose a vet clinic with calm, friendly and coordinated staffs that are willing to offer the best service and support to your dogs especially during emergency cases.


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